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Allusion (2022)

Allusion is a 10-track album J-W released in 2022.

He composed the works during the Winter of 2021 and Spring of 2022.

One of the works Six (disarray) was selected and performed as part of the North/South Consonance composers series. It was performed live in NYC by Max Lifchitz at the National Opera Center on Feb. 5th, 2023.

Each piece tells a different part of the same story. Although the plot is never revealed, the emotion of each chapter is experienced through the music.


Unnamed - Piano Album (2023)

This will be his most recent solo piano album. With a similar style to Allusion, however, with an emphasis on simple melodies accompanied by beautiful textures to create an album that anyone can listen to while relaxing, cooking, studying, etc.

All the pieces are inspired by specific memories he had while honeymooning in Europe earlier this year. This will also be a 10 track album with 6 singles being released in addition throughout the year 2023-2024.

Streaming everywhere: Nov. 1st, 2023

Film - Media

In addition to piano music, J-W freelances as a composer for film/media projects.

He has worked on genres including, comedy, action, horror, and documentaries.

Recently he was the music supervisor for The Liberator. While not all his works are listed, you can view his IMDb filmography here.

To the right are selections of excerpts from a few of his recent projects.

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